30kW Rectifier EV Charger Power Module for 120kW 150kW DC EV Charging Station

30kW 100A Max REG1K0100G2 AC DC Charger Power Module
Electric Vehicle Charging Station EV Charger module 30kw 40kw
30kW 40kw EV Charging Module 1000V DC MPPT Power Converter for DC Charger Station


  • Model No.: MD100020FEU
  • Input Voltage: Rated voltage 380Vac, three phase (no center line), operating range 274-487Vac
  • Rated Output Power: 40kW
  • Output Voltage Range: 50-1000VDC
  • Peak Efficiency: ≥ 96%
  • Power Factor: ≥0.99
  • Current Regulation Accuracy: ≤±1%
  • Communication Protocol: CAN
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    The EV Power Module is isolated design, supporting hot plug, with output reverse irrigation isolation, to ensure personal safety and the safety of the EV Charger system.


    High Efficiency and Energy Conservation


    Wide output constant power range


    Ultra-low standby power consumption


    Ultra-wide operating temperature

    power module for ev charger

    20KW EV Charger Module

    20KW EV Charger Module ( two-input)

    30KW EV Charger Module

    40KW EV Charger Module


    50-1000V ultra wide output range, meeting car types in the marketand adapt to high voltage EVs in future.

    ● MIDA Charging Module REG1K0100G2 Compatible with the existing 200V-800V platform and provides full power charging for future development above 900V which is able to avoid investment on high voltage EV charger upgrade construction.

    ● MIDA EV Power Module REG1K0100G2 Support CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB/T and energy storage system.

    ● MIDA Charger Module REG1K0100G2 can meet the future trend of high-voltage charging of electric vehicles, compatible with various charging applications and car types.

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    30KW DC Charging Module
    Model No. MD100030FEU
    AC Input Input Rating Rated voltage 380Vac, three phase (no center line), operating range 274-487Vac
    AC Input Connection 3L + PE
    Input Frequency 50±5Hz
    Input Power Factor ≥0.99
    Input Overvoltage Protection 490±10Vac
    Input Undervoltage Protection 270±10Vac
    DC Output Rated Output Power 40kW
    Output Voltage Range 50-1000Vdc
    Output Current Range 0.5-67A
    Output Constant Power Range When output voltage is 300-1000Vdc, constant 30kW will output
    Peak Efficiency ≥ 96%
    Soft Start Time 3-8s
    Short Circuit Protection Self-rollback protection
    Voltage Regulation Accuracy ≤±0.5%
    THD ≤5%
    Current Regulation Accuracy ≤±1%
    Current Sharing Imbalance ≤±5%
    Operating Temperature (°C) -40˚C ~ +75˚C, derating from 55˚C
    Humidity (%) ≤95% RH, non-condensing
    Altitude (m) ≤2000m, derating above 2000m
    Cooling method Fan cooling
    Mechanical Standby Power Consumption <10W
    Communication Protocol CAN
    Address Setting Digital screen display, keys operation
    Module Dimension 437.5*300*84mm (L*W*H)
    Weight (kg) ≤ 15Kg
    Protection Input Protection OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, UVP, Surge protection
    Output Protection SCP, OVP, OCP, OTP, UVP
    Electrical Insulation Insulated DC output and AC input
    MTBF 500 000 hours
    Regulation Certificate UL2202, IEC61851-1, IEC61851-23, IEC61851-21-2 Class B
    Safety CE, TUV

    Core features

    1,The 30kw charger module REG1K0100G2 is the inner power module for DC charging stations (piles), and convert AC energy into DC in order to charge vehicles. The charger module takes a 3-phase current input and then outputs the DC voltage as 200VDC-500VDC/300VDC-750VDC/150VDC-1000VDC, with an adjustable DC output to meet a variety of battery pack requirements.

    2,The charger module is equipped with a POST (power on self-test) function, AC input over/under voltage protection, output over voltage protection, over-temperature protection and other features. Users can connect multiple charger modules in a parallel manner to one power supply cabinet, and we guarantee that our connect multiple EV chargers are highly reliable, applicable, efficient, and require very little maintenance.

    3,MIDA Power Module has prominent advantages in the two major industries of ultra-high full-load operating temperature and ultra-wide constant power range. At the same time, high reliability, high efficiency, high power factor, high power density, wide output voltage range, low noise, low standby power consumption and good EMC performance are also the main characteristics of the ev charging module.

    4,Standard configuration of CAN/RS485 communication interface, allows easy data transferring with external devices. and Low DC ripple causes minimum effects on the battery lifespan.MIDA EV charger module uses DSP (digital signal processing) control technology, and is fully numerically controlled from input to output.


    Multiple Options

    High power as 20kW,30kW,40kW EV Charging Module

    Output voltage up to 1000V

    High Reliability

    • Overall temperature monitoring
    • Defenses of moisture, salt spray and fungus
    • MTBF > 100,000 hours
    • Input THDI < 3%, input power factor reaches 0.99 and overall efficiency reaches 95% and above.

    Secure and Safe

    Wide input voltage range 270~480V AC
    Wide working temperature range -30°C~+50°C

    Low Energy Consumption

    Unique sleep mode, less than 2W power
    High conversion efficiency up to 96%
    Intelligent parallel mode, working with the best efficiency

    Wide output voltage range: 

    200VDC-500VDC, 300VDC-750VDC, 150VDC-1000VDC (adjustable), is able to meet various voltage demands of different charging requirements.

    High Protection: 

    The charger module is equipped with input overvoltage protection, undervoltage alarming, output overcurrent and short circuit protection functions..

    High Power Density

    System space is saved due to a high power density, and each module has a power of 30kW or 40kW
    Low DC ripple causes minimum effects on the battery lifespan

    High Papplicability and Reliability

    The charger modules can be connected in a parallel system, allowing for a hot swapping and easier maintenance. This also ensures the system applicability and reliability.


    1,Flexible, reliable, friendly charger module for EV charging station. MIDA series EV DC charging power module REG1K0100G2 is key power part of EV Fast Charger and converts AC to DC supply, which would be ready for CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T system integration.

    2,The charger modules REG1K0100G2 can be used on DC fast charging stations for EVs and E-buses.
    Note: The charger module does not apply to on-board chargers (inside cars) .

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