AC EV Charging


Residential Charging Stations
Start fully charged. Save time bycharging your electric car at home. No
need to stop on the way

All electric cars need to be charged by plugging in.
You can recharge using a standard wall socket or an EV charging station.

The time it takes to fully charge is based on the level,or speed,of charging and how full the battery is.

With home charging you can take advantage of super cheap, green energy overnight.

EV Charging Stations Features

Innovative design:
AC EV charger is an artwork designed to improve the charging experience with the breakthrough of the traditional appearance.

LED description:
The LED light shows charging status by color changes and it adopts breathing light to avoid direct glare at human eyes.

Easy to use:
User friendly design, easy for installation, maintenance and use.

Compatible with every EV:
Uses J1772/Type 2 connector thatcan charge any EVs on the market.

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