CSA ETL EV Charger Level 2 40A 48A Home Charging Station 240V With App OCCP1.6 RFID 4G

■ Powerful Performance, Heavy Duty and Outdoor-Ready EV Charging Station
■ Fast Charge
■ Waterproof: IP55
■ Bluetooth &WiFi Connectivity and Apps
■ OTA Remote Firware Updates

■ Residential Home
■ Multifamily Property
■ Private Property
■ Public Parking Garage
■ Public Commercial Common Area

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Level IP65


Smart Chip




Short Circuit

EV Charging Stations Features

Innovative design:
AC EV charger is an artwork designed to improve the charging experience with the breakthrough of the traditional appearance.

LED description:
The LED light shows charging status by color changes and it adopts breathing light to avoid direct glare at human eyes.

Easy to use:
User friendly design, easy for installation, maintenance and use.

Compatible with every EV:
Uses J1772/Type 2 connector thatcan charge any EVs on the market

Commercial EV Charger

Electrical Parameter 32A Max 40A 48A Max
One phase input: nominal voltage 1×230VAC 50-60 Hz
7.2 kW  at 1x240VAC 9.6 kW 12KW at 1x 240 VAC
Input Cord Hard wired by licensed electrician
Output Cable & Connector 16.4FT/5.0 m cable (26.2FI/8.0m optional)
SAE J1772 standard compliance
Smart Grid Connecivity Built-in Wi-Fi (Optional)(802.11 b/g/n/2.4GHz)/Bluetooth Connectivity
Firmwire Over-the-air (OTA) upgradeable firm ware
Enironmental Parameter Dynamic LED lights show charging status
standby, charging in progress, fault indicator, network connectivity
4.3*7.0 LCD  Screen
Protection Class IP65: Weatherproof,dust-tight
IK08: Resistant poly carbonate case
Quick-release wall mounting bracket include
Operating Temperature:-22*F to 122°F (-30°℃ to 50*C)
Dimension Main enclosure: 9.7inx12.8in×3.8in(300mm×160mm×120mm )
Codes & Standards IEC 61851-1/IEC61851-21-2/IEC62196-2 compliance, OCPP 1.6
Certification FCC ETL CE compliance
Energy Management Home power balancing (Optional
RF1D Optional
4G Module Optional
Socket Optional
Waran 2 years limited product warranty

Applicable Scenes

1. Residential charging: This charger is perfect for homeowners who own a single electric vehicle and want a reliable and convenient way to charge it at home. Its compact design and high charging power make it an excellent choice for home use.

2. Workplace charging: This charger can also be installed at workplaces, such as offices or factories, to provide employees with a convenient way to charge their electric vehicles while they work.

3. Public charging: This charger can be installed in public areas, such as on the side of a road or in a public parking lot, to provide electric vehicle owners with a convenient charging option while they are out and about.

4. Fleet charging: Businesses that operate a fleet of electric vehicles can also benefit from this charger. With its high charging power of 7kw 11KW 12KW, it can quickly charge an electric vehicle, helping to keep your fleet on the road and productive.

Overall, this  single gun smart AC EV wall box charger is a versatile and reliable charging solution that can be used in various applications, making it an excellent investment for electric vehicle owners and businesses alike.

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